Dominant Confidante

         I am often asked what I enjoy most. I love every single scene that I experience, the only item that falls into the "Con" list when I ponder the Pros Cons of my career choices, is that I hate to write ads. It is so mind-numbingly mundane and tiresome. So it's entirely likely you will see a copied & pasted post just like this across the platforms I advertise network within- Fetlife (handle MistressCassidy), Dickievirgin, Eros, collarspace(handle Cassidy Cream), etc.

        Onto what I love- I love crossdressing scenes. I tend towards a feeling of transformation, like giggling girlfriends playing dress-up at a slumber party. Hypnosis, Mistress is a trained, experienced, clinical, hypnotherapist in the mundane world. I will blend vanilla goals and fantasy exploration into hypnosis sessions, to guide my sub to finding his best self. Sensory deprivation and overload. Mistress is a bit of a sensation fangirl herself, reducing a sub to whatever sensory input I deem he should have- taking his sight, hearing, and/or mummifying him, and then exposing just one small spot to ice, to heat, to lotion, to a crop, a scent or whatever my wicked imagination comes up with, I love to see how the experience is conveyed back to me while the sub has such very limited ways to communicate. Sounds play, CBT/NT, trampling, tickling, and electric play, while they are each very different, finding my sub's limits with each is what I love here. Can I push them, ever so gently, just a tiny bit past the limit they brought to me?Will they endure just one more, because when I suggest it my face, my voice compels them forward? Toy play, and pegging- as you know, we will not be engaging in anything as pedestrian as coupling. That isn't why one sees a dominatrix, and a dominatrix, this dominatrix, is not interested in receiving anything of the sort from you. But Mistress will have her way with you. In the end, having my way in whatever way that manifests is really the only reason I am here. Flogging. Have you seen Mistress swing her floggers while dancing to Madonna's Erotica, Hozier's Take Me to Church or any one of the songs Mistress can not not dance to? Mistress is such an exhibitionist, and Mistress swinging her floggers is Mistress at her best. There are many other scenes I love, but this should give you a more than an adequate idea of the vibe of my sessions

​​Cassidy  cream