​​Cassidy  cream

There are as many approaches to domination as there are practitioners of it. Over my

years in the scene, I have explored many different styles. At this stage in my journey,

with nearly 20 years of personal and professional play, I have developed a tone that is my

most authentic self. At the core of my sessions is a playful and exploratory attitude.

While I do enjoy edge play and heavy-handed discipline when the scene calls for such,

my approach still comes from a place of respect for my subs and a vigilant awareness of

safety. Expect to come away from your session feeling both refreshed and with a

greater understanding of yourself; as if you visited your therapist and had a massage in

the same afternoon.*

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Mistress Cassidy is neither a masseuse nor a licensed therapist; the analogy should
simply illustrate the overall sense of self-acceptance and relaxation one might feel after a session